POSTWEST band complete POSTWEST band complete


Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin/Germany

The team of Volksbühne Berlin will join us for a round of POST-PRODUCTION. > More

A film from the theatre.

Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin/Germany | Film

Long ago Karl Marx said that art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it. In the land of Hammer&Spiegel (Hammer&Mirror) we agree with this statement—or at least most of us do. The year is 2321, and there are personal interconnections and clashes in our ranks. > More


by and with the Volksbühne ensemble | Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin/Germany

As a prelude to POSTWEST festival, the ensemble thoroughly yet sensitively explored the world of POSTWEST and present artistic contributions on (un)familiar subjects and figures, their own ideas and approaches to the festival’s theme. Get to know our ensemble in a completely different way, and let this snapshot for your mind and senses guide you around the evening performance and to POSTWEST Festival. > More